Month: November 2016

A widow’s guide to stumbling through the holidays

widow feeding homeless in NYC

It has just started, the holidays, but it is already beginning to hit.  I knew it would.  Last year my friends distracted me for my birthday and threw me a “surprise” party.  It was awesome.  There were lots of friends there to show me…


Song Lyrics that stick: For Good

Wicked – on Broadway in New York City. For Good – what do have we done and what will we do in this life?

How to comfort your widowed friend.

The line of fellow mourners who came to pay their respects to my family at my husband’s wake was overwhelming.  It was arranged so quickly and happened so fast I felt like I was not really there. He would have been impressed that he…

Change is in the air: Caumsett State Park in Autumn

Fall Caumsett Park New York

Change is in the air.  I am talking about the leaves.  Really. If you don’t live in the Northeastern part of the United States you may not get to experience the glory of the changing of the seasons.  Fall is spectacular in this region….

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