TBT…playing in the mud with the elephants in Thailand. Widow therapy.

What a wonderful time I had last summer traveling to Thailand. Traveling did help me through some times that I knew would trigger emotional feelings due to my loss and I didn’t want to be so sad thinking about my new life as a widow. I do still get sad but I try to remember good memories with my husband Mike, as well as new memories like this day when we weren’t sure if the baby elephant would make it up the bank of the mud pond…



I won’t hold you in suspense. Keep watching…

Sometimes  I feel like the baby elephant. Just keep trying.  Figure out what to do. You can do this! Celebrating my wedding anniversary with the elephants!



3 comments on “TBT…playing in the mud with the elephants in Thailand. Widow therapy.”
  1. cedar51 says:

    I don’t how I did that myself, okay I didn’t become a widow – and my ex-DH is now a phone call/ walk away. He had much more difficulty than I did, because he didn’t expect me to leave. It’s a long story why I did leave, and now we do seem to get on better…mainly because he had to take a steep learning curve!

    He made some huge discoveries about house hold chores, cooking, shopping and of course finances…he was used to a “hand maiden” as such; along with a chauffeur (he didn’t care to drive); various other things including juggling work/home life.

    the first w/end he was own his own, he couldn’t fathom out the washing machine…he called me “in a tantrum” and all I said was “instructions inside the lid” – that particular washer had that info!! An hour so later he called, “where are pegs?” – (in NZ we usually dry clothes outdoors)…

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    1. runawaywidow says:

      Sounds like that was a real eye opener for him. Your strength is encouraging.

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