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10 Fabulously Fun Things to do in Croatia

Are you struggling with ideas about where to spend your summer vacation? Croatia is an ideal summer vacation spot. Located on the Adriatic Sea across from Italy, it is one of the most beautiful seaside escapes. A few days in Rome might make your trip a historical summer getaway as well.  Rome for a 3 day weekend

During the summer of 2014, I spent 2 weeks in a small coastal town called Brela and took some day trips to nearby towns.  We stayed in an apartment which is a common way to vacation in Croatia.  There are hotels and a hostel in Brela as well. Many people speak English, but we were often mistaken for Germans because not too many Americans have discovered this  town. Here are some of the my most fabulous things to do in Croatia.

  1.  Swim

The water in the sea is crystal clear and seems more salty than any water I have ever been in which makes it perfect for spending hours simply floating or snorkeling.  I brought goggles and loved swimming and looking through the water at the fish and even the ocean floor which was visible since the water was so clear.




2. Rent a boat

It is very easy and not too expensive to rent a small motor boat for an hour. The sea is calm and vast and there are not many boats along the small towns. The views of the landscape and villages from the water are beautiful.

3.  Take a fishing picnic to the islands

From Makarska, a neighboring town, we took a fishing boat called the Makarski Jadran to visit some of the islands.  The crew, dressed as pirates, caught large sardine type fish and served us lunch.  We stopped in Vrboska and Jelsa on the island of Hvar then spent some time at the beach Bol on the island of Brac, known for kite and wind surfing.

Makarski Jadran
Bol, Island of Brac

4.  Hike

The path along the sea in Brela is flat.  However, it is difficult to hike this trail since the water is so clear and enticing, you feel you must keep stopping to take photos. Venturing away from the sea for hikes past a local market and along the mountainside was a nice way to start the day. The countryside is beautiful and I always felt safe.



5.  Visit the waterfalls

We took a bus trip to the Krka waterfalls. Hiking trails around the falls lead to the large beach area. There is also a full restaurant that serves beer and nice lunches. I was impressed that at the park and on our boat ride meals are served on regular plates with silverware.  No excessive waste here.

Krka waterfalls

6.  Eat well

First of all the produce is so fresh and tasty. Definitely buy some from a local vender. Ice cream or gelato is everywhere. Be sure to have some of that. The seafood is fresh and plentiful too. A popular meal here is the mixed grill. It is basically an assortment of savory grilled meats. The wine was unimpressive but they make good beer in Croatia.


7.  Sit in a cafe

People love to sit around in cafes and drink espresso. You can stay at a table for hours and it is perfectly acceptable, which is a good idea when it rains on a summer afternoon. Don’t be surprised to have people smoking cigarettes near you as this is perfectly acceptable.

8.  Visit an old town or castle

The history of Croatia is complicated in that it has been taken over by multiple entities throughout the years. We visited a castle in Trogir which had awesome architecture and was now used for cafes and shops.  We also visited Split and Diocletian’s palace  which was built in 295 AD.

Castle in Trogir

9.  Walk the promenade

The towns we visited had a lively social hour between 5-7. People dress up and leave their beach clothes at home. Everyone walks around. Children and adults both enjoy eating ice cream or gelato. The paths are busy with crowds strolling about.  Dinner can be eaten later.



10. Watch the sunset

The sun sets over the sea and each night was more stunning than the last.  Gazing at the rocky coastline and beautiful clear water  was a perfect way to end each day.



I would love to go back and visit Croatia again. On a cold winter day I like to recall how awesome it was to swim in the Adriatic Sea.

Fun things to do in Croatia




  1. It sounds like bliss, Kristen! 🙂 We made one week long trip to Dubrovnilk almost 30 years ago and I always thought we’d go back to see more of Croatia. Life has a way of making its own plans… Love your descriptions and photos.

  2. Nice tips. There are many things to enjoy when traveling to Croatia. We were on a car trip last summer, and visited quite a loat of places. Loved all of them. I see you were to Krka, have you also got to see Plitvice?
    We saw both, and Krka is really beautiful, but Plitvice is just amazing.
    Here is my article comparing the two. Would love to have your support and follow as well.

    Julia, Romania

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