Month: March 2017

Acupuncture – Healing for physical pain to depression to infertility. Worth a try?

Acupuncture has maybe become my latest guilty pleasure. Can you imagine? The idea that someone inserting small sterile needles all over your body is something you look forward to?  Well, let me tell you, I do! Due to unplanned circumstances, I was unable to…


Why Reaching out to Psychic Mediums in Grief can be Comforting

After the loss of a loved one reaching out to psychic mediums in hope of finding out what happens after we die may be part of the journey.

How I am learning to be kind and gentle – to me.

Grief from loss knocks the wind out of you. Learning to limit you expectations and take time to be gentle with yourself is one of the hardest lessons.

Pura Vida – Eleven days in Costa Rica

Pura vida – The pure life.  Traveling in Costa Rica is an adventure that provides some of the most amazing sights and experiences. Five years ago I had the amazing opportunity to help chaperone a group of 22 teens on an 11 day youth…

How I trained my brain after the death of my husband.

How I trained my brain after the death of my husband using an attitude of gratitude.

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