1.  Even if it doesn’t rain much, the weeds will grow and get bigger than the flowers. WEED THE GARDEN.
  2. If you do any weeding, be sure to wear long pants, a long sleeve shirt, socks, shoes and gloves to avoid hidden Poison Ivy or HIRE A LANDSCAPER.
  3. If the boat makes a beeping noise, it needs oil. CHECK THE OIL BEFORE YOU GO OUT
  4. If you have 2 kids away at college and have generously offered to pay for room and board, the VISA bill will be very high in September. BRACE YOURSELF!
  5. If you are a teacher and do not take the big check for the summer months and think you can just live on what you saved up, THINK AGAIN.
  6. If you leave the cat in the house all day while you go to the beach, she will find a place in your house to do her business. GET A LITTER BOX.
  7. If you’re going to a 70s party on the beach and you don’t like the plain t shirt look, you can search on Pinterest and find ways to change it. SURF PINTEREST.
  8. If you stay up until 3 am binge watching TV be sure you have dark shades in your bedroom or WEAR AN EYE MASK.
  9. When you have 15 houseguests be sure to buy lots of bacon.  EVERYONE LOVES BACON!
  10. There is no present. Only the past and the future. We can’t change the past but we can learn from it. We can only live our best life and MAKE IT COUNT.

The last lesson is credited to the movies “Lion King” and “Titanic”. What lessons did you learn this summer?

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