The lights on the houses are pretty and I do like the holiday decorations in my home but, I can not handle the overwhelming sense of tiredness I am feeling today.

I have been moving forward at a good clip this past year.  I did some traveling.  Made some new friends.  Gained followers on my blog.

In addition as a widow, I continue to be the only parent for my two sons who are now home from school.  I teach Kindergarten full time.  I maintain and run the household which recently included another infestation of squirrels and purchasing a brand new boiler.

Add to that the shorter, colder days.  The stress of buying presents and planning celebrations with others.  Going to parties and rushing around after work.  Oh, and did I mention I just joined a gym because my last annual visit to the doctor showed I needed to make some positive changes in my lifestyle, like exercise?

No wonder I am exhausted.

I would really like to just curl up in bed, in a dark room with my puppy and take a long winter’s nap.

Well, this is a short post –  all the time I have for today. I need to take Harry for his walk, mail out the 19 Christmas cards I decided to do at the last minute, put on my pajamas for Kindergarten (It is pajama day) and of course an ugly sweater for the staff breakfast.

I just wanted to thank you all for reading.  I have been nominated for 2 awards this past week.  One as a travel blogger and one as a widow blogger.
Widow Blogs

That made me feel really good and I hope that my writing is hopeful and healing for others as it has been for me.  If you have any tips for extra energy this time of year, please comment below.