Month: January 2018

Music brings back memories

Music gives me the opportunity to try a new playlist to my life.


Battling the Enemy: perseverance

Repeat visitors, this widow tells how to rid the chimney of squirrels. A widow living alone must deal with household chores and unexpected challenges.

Montauk in Winter – Overnight retreat or spa day

Montauk point light house

Day trips or overnights to the off season beach town of Montauk New York is well worth the visit. Hotels are affordable, the food is good and the ocean soothes the soul. Hiking is free and the ocean air or day at Gurneys spa is guaranteed to help with the healing process.

The Benefits of traveling with a small tour group

Visit Thailand with a small group for a fun adventure. As a solo traveler, widow, I joined a G Adventures tour – best time!

Moving Forward After Loss

Moving forward means you are moving and you are not going backward or staying in one spot. How do you keep going?

WIDOW TO WIDOW – Advice on dating and moving forward from my mom

WIDOW to widow advice on moving forward with dating, our children and how to heal after the death of a spouse.

I survived the Bomb Cyclone!

Centerport Harbor in Winter

Bomb cyclone video and photos from the next day. It is cold in New York

Why I’m glad I worked when the kids were little

Working when my kids were little turned out to be really helpful when I unexpectedly became a widow.

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