More challenges after the loss of a spouse. Who will clean the yard?

My dad loved to get his hands dirty in the gardens around our yard.  If there was extra space, he would arrange a wildflower garden.  He would occasionally stop along the side of the highway on trips to Maine to discover and then transplant a beloved jack in the pulpit or columbine that no one had seen before.  The back of our yard was designated for vegetables and he did have the magic touch for growing pumpkins.

WIDOW cleaning yard after loss of spouse

how to maintain the gardens

how to maintain the yard as a widow

As a grown up, I have lived in a number of places and we always did the landscaping ourselves.  When I first met Mike he owned and operated his own landscaping business called “Genesis” named after the Jorma Kaukonen song.  He knew all the ins and outs of mowing a lawn and planting seeds and fertilizing.

Well, we did take care of the landscaping on our own for years.  Especially the years when our sons were old enough to rake and bag leaves in the yard each Autumn. When the boys were old enough to mow the lawn, that helped too.  In our current yard, the problem is carrying the lawn mower from the front yard to the back yard. They need to lift it and carry it up a flight of stairs. The boys seemed to be able to figure that out and with a little persistent nagging, the job was always done.

However, 2018 is a new year.  Both my sons are away at school and will not be home this summer.  The first summer ever not to have them with me.  This makes me sad.  Although they both have great adventures ahead of them so that gives me some happiness.

Spring has been a bit late this year, but I noticed this weekend that some spots of tall grass are coming up. I believe they are commonly known as weeds. I made a brave effort to weed the garden beds and bag up leaves from last fall that never had made that fall clean up.  I’m a little concerned about too much weeding on my own after having a bad case of poison ivy last summer.

The weed whacker in the garage hasn’t worked in years, and I do not have anyone to help me carry the lawnmower up the stairs from the front yard to the back yard. Yes, there is a staircase between my front and back yard. Such a dilemma.

Thank goodness for Strep Throat.  I went to the walk in clinic this morning and was diagnosed with Strep Throat.  I am on medication for one week and contagious for a day or two.  As I sat at home nursing my second cup of coffee and swallowing this oversized Amoxicillin pill, I became annoyed at the buzzing sound of leaf blowers and weed whackers. WAIT…

I ran outside in my slippers and negotiated, more like just nicely asked, the workers who were cleaning my neighbor’s yard if I could be next.  They agreed!  I am so excited.  They spent a few hours raking and blowing and whacking this yard; even my gutters which are really hard to reach were cleaned.  I have them scheduled to do a few more projects as well as a weekly mowing service.  What is a widow to do? I can’t do this all by myself and I do like living in my house still.  Won’t it be wonderful to have a clean yard each week?

I can still plant some flowers and some hanging baskets.  Maybe I will set up the fire pit and enjoy the yard.  I am so looking forward to the nice weather. Read here to see photos of my garden in spring.

What are your favorite plants to grow in the spring?

yard work as a widow

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New York memorial flower garden




4 comments on “More challenges after the loss of a spouse. Who will clean the yard?”
  1. Therese says:

    After spending 3 days cleaning up my grass and debris from my side yard we gave in and hired a landscaper to finish the rest. Money well spent. Now I can enjoy my yard and no poison ivy🌺

    1. runawaywidow says:

      I agree! I had such a bad case of poison ivy last summer. That’s the worst!

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