Widow brain is a real syndrome where you are forgetful, inattentive and spacey. You may put the milk in the cupboard, lose the keys or put on mismatched socks without realizing it.

This past week I have been so tired. I yawned a few times after lunch and 4 out of 5 afternoons I came home and napped after work.

I mistook an 11:30 flight arrival for am when it was actually pm and I had apparently been told this on several occasions.

The solar powered water feature I ordered for the backyard arrived, the 3 pictures that offered directions for assembly proved far too difficult, so the pieces lay on a table near the back door.

I thought it could be my thyroid. I was diagnosed recently with an under active thyroid and figured it may be super under active now.

I bargained that if I could do a bit more exercise it would help me motivate, but I was too tired.


Saturday morning it was brought to my attention that I only had one can of coffee in the house, and it was DECAF.

“No way!” I exclaimed.

I had purchased the blue can last week, not the green can. The green ones are decaf! Apparently, I did not bother to put on my reading glasses in the store to read the fine print.

Off we ran to Dunkin Donuts for my first cup of real coffee in over a week.

I’m hoping my brain is back to normal soon. Being present is my goal for this week.

And maybe I should wear glasses when I grocery shop. Just saying.