So I have a list at home of all the things I want to get done this week. I’m serious. First week off from work as a teacher; I finally have time to focus on cleaning those neglected spots in the house, filing away papers, making a few phone calls and selling/donating stuff we don’t need anymore.  This summer I am going to get organized! Finding Joy in the act of getting rid of clutter.

I wanted to write a blog about transitioning from work to summer vacation, especially for teachers and moms.

When my kids were little, that first week off was always so stressful. How do you transition from working full time away from home, to literally working even more full time at home, with no preps or lunch breaks, and with your own wonderful cherubs?

Going away to a different environment to change my mindset really helped. I started to plan a couple of days away at the beginning of the summer, just to switch gears, and that really helped.

So today, on my first official day off this summer I walked away from the house and my list and I went with a friend to the ocean. We took a long walk along the beach from Robert Moses State Park on New York’s Fire Island, past the lighthouse, to Kismet Beach. People own or rent cute cottages along the boardwalk in Kismet and 2 restaurants in town feature lunch specials, including sushi. We ate at Surf’s Out which offers friendly outdoor dining and cocktails. After a yummy lunch we walked back along the ocean, averting our eyes from the middle aged nude sunbathers, and spent some more time watching the waves roll in.

While there is still lots to do around my house and I could use a day to get organized, I do not want to be a lonely, stay at home widow so I take advantage of all opportunities to get out there and make new memories and have fun.  I love a good walk on the beach and visit with a friend.

This week the plan is to break up the day into chores, then exercise and then something fun that reminds me it is summer.  It could be a longer walk outside with my dog, sitting outside and reading a book or taking the kayak or stand up paddleboard for a ride on the water. The important thing is to keep moving forward and taking some time for rest.  I have another year of teaching kindergarten coming up so I need all the R & R I can get.


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