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How to top trip to Iceland? Wedding planning!

Changes and moving forward in life after the loss of a spouse. Surprises ahead and joy found in unexpected places as well as in adventurous travel.

I completed a home improvement project which turned out amazing and gave me an opportunity to empty my closet and bedroom of everything.  Now when items go back into the closet, they have a home and are items that I am happy to see.  They are supposed to bring me joy, but sometimes they are back in simply because they fit. Let’s be real.

I’ve spent more time than I need to pinning photos on Pinterest to plan my weddding.  I initially intended to elope on a cruise ship in Greece and have since decided to actually have a ceremony on the beach and a party with family and friends.  I know better than most that you have to celebrate the good times; the bad times will take care of themselves.

Going along with my runaway widow theme, I had the best trip to Iceland to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  We had such fun seeing this beautiful country and taking photos of everything! She’s hooked on traveling now too and I am pretty sure we will both be visiting Iceland again one day.

Blue Lagoon Iceland
Blue Lagoon Iceland

Sun Voyager Reykjavik, Iceland

Sun Voyager Reykjavik, Iceland

Around Reykjavík

We never did see the elusive Northern Lights but we went to the Northern Lights museum, took some amazing photos there and were able to purchase this amazing DVD of the Northern Lights around Iceland. Aurora Reykjavik – The Northern Lights Center


Back at home: Snow shoveling, Construction zone and Spring Cleaning.


What a mess!

Even the fireplace got a new look.


Wedding planning is fun with Pinterest.  Also takes time away from my workout schedule (which I have yet to take seriously)


What are 3 of your favorite things this year?


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