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Black and White Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation time - removing a wall, adding an island. Black matte appliances with a black farmhouse sink contrast well with the white cabinets and wood floors.
The kitchen before – wall blocking kitchen area from dining area
Kitchen – old tile, cabinets and odd location of attached lower counter/table in middle of room
View from kitchen to deck, which does have water views. One sliding glass door blocked by wall.
Kitchen sink and window – looks at nearby neighbor’s house. Dated


Here comes help – Demolition day

Out goes the cabinets, the sheetrock, the tile floor. Behind the wall are wires and more.
Installing a header to keep house from collapsing.


Behind the walls, cement.  No insulation? It’s always been a bit chilly in the kitchen.

Down comes the wall between kitchen and bathroom. Starting to see the open concept.
Water damage to floor – cinder block walls and old windows.
Uncovering more damage from under the unused tub in bathroom which is next to kitchen
The insulation and sheetrock are up in kitchen.


Once the floor and pipes repaired, new windows installed and the frame goes up – next step sheet rock.  Harry the dog is admiring the dust settling on the pictures that were not moved before construction began.

The spackle guy came and taped the sheetrock.  The floor guy came too and added new wood floors to blend with the wood floor already in the house.  One surprise was under the kitchen floor was part wood floor. This is how it looked before staining.
Old bathroom with unused tub and brown tiles on wall.
Bathroom studs being added.
The bathroom is tiled. It looks like wood but is really gray tile.  No more tub – a much needed storage closet will be built.  There is no closet on this floor of the house.
New wood floor is added to kitchen.
White Thomasville cabinets being installed.
The floor is stained dark to blend with rest of house. The walls are painted Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.
Black matte GE appliances added along with new light fixtures.


Every kitchen needs a desk area I think – I do not want clutter to build up on the island, so this desk will hopefully help with the paper piles.  Also, new custom made radiator covers will be painted white.


Loving the open concept.  The wood floor after one of the 3 coats.


Waiting on the countertops.


A new closet replaces the unused bathtub, a Wayfair vanity is installed along with bead board wainscoting to an updated bathroom
Wayfair mirror, lights, flowers…
And an elephant print


I love the Whitehaven black farmhouse sink I got from Amazon! The GE appliances, faucet and hardware I got from our local Home Depot, along with the Thomasville cabinets. 


Quartz countertop and small subway tile backsplash also ordered from Home Depot.  Magnolia Wreath is from Wayfair.

Island chairs ordered from Pier 1 Imports


Rug and coffee table ordered from Wayfair.  Couches ordered but have not arrived yet.  Wall compass purchased at Peter Andrews.



The new dining area is located in the back of the house – table from Peter Andrews.  The light fixture is a Louis Poulsen pendant.


I am loving the look of my new open kitchen and the entire house.

My sons both like the new look too.  I sure wish my mom and my mother in law and my late husband Mike could see the changes. 

I hope we make lots of wonderful new memories in this home.  

When people ask where I may be traveling this year, my husband announces that we are going to “Kitchen Island” this year.  Due to COVID-19, I do agree that we will be spending lots of time right here at home.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.






    1. Thanks Dianne – it was actually more fun than I thought it would be and the result so rewarding!

    1. Thanks so much Liz – I’d love to have company, maybe by the summer we can not have to social distance as much!

  1. Wow! Your renovations look awesome! The timing couldn’t be more perfect now that you are spending all of your time at home. I’m really happy for you.

    1. Thanks so much Audrey – I am loving the new kitchen and you are right, we are sure spending a lot more time at home these days. Stay well!

  2. What an awesome job. Thanks for recommendation on where to buy. I love the elephant print. Safari reminder?

    1. Thank you so much Rosemary – yes, the elephant is definitely a reminder of that wonderful trip. So glad I did all that traveling last year, such a disappointment for people who have to cancel their long awaited plans.

    1. Thank you so much. It has had quite a workout this past month with 5 of us sheltering at home. So glad it was finished before this happened!

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