My mom passed away 2 weeks ago and now all the grief from the death of my husband are coming back.  Lots of familiar anxieties and feelings of regret and sadness are resurfacing.  It’s been 4 years since my husband passed, but getting through year one is filled with many challenges.  It helps to know we are not doing this alone and that one day, it will be better.

My bereavement group provided us with handouts on ways to deal with our grief.  We met one evening each week for an hour and a half.  The group was made up of 12 women who have lost their husbands in the past year.  We are all similar in age which is helpful and there is one facilitator.  The first week everyone tells their story and there are lots of tears.  Some deaths were sudden and some were long sicknesses.  However, we are all similar in so many ways dealing with coping after this loss.

Successful ways that I deal with anxiety and grief are listed below. 

  1. Yoga – that’s been helpful at times for centering my thoughts and feeling good.  Of course the time I was the only one in the class, and the male teacher had me close my eyes, and then sang to me while playing the guitar was a bit weird, but most of the time I like yoga. Healing with weekenders and yoga ladies.

 2. Meditation – I’m not that “good” at it so I find guided meditations on the you tube app of my phone and listen to them.  I especially like listening to Jason Stevenson’s guided imagery.

3. Acupuncture – This has really helped me with relaxing and relieving stress.  Acupuncture – Healing for physical pain to depression to infertility. Worth a try?

4. Connect with others – I have kept myself busy with friends this past year.  I work during the day and meet with colleagues regularly about work and for lunch.  I started playing bridge each week with some neighbors, took a mahjong class at the library, attended 2 book club meetings each month, and hang out with neighbors on the weekends.

5. Travel (plan a distraction) – I planned many trips this past year: My oldest son and I took a road trip to Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee to visit family and my youngest son at college.  For Christmas we did something different and took a cruise to Mexico. For my husband’s birthday we took a trip to Cape Cod and New Hampshire. My son and I spent Easter in Colorado.   skiing. And in anticipation of the one year death Anniversary I spent 2 weeks in Thailand, Having trips to look forward to kept me going on my saddest days.

6. Therapy – I have been seeing  an individual grief therapist every 2 weeks and did EMDR for therapy regarding PTSD.  I visited my medical doctor regarding my health.  Now I am trying the bereavement group. Visiting people in the medical community along with acupuncture and yoga specialists helps me verbalize my feelings and how I am approaching my future.

7. Get a puppy – Harry is so cute and keeps me company.  He is so happy to see me when I come home and snuggles in bed with me.


8. Shop– Yes, I have done some shopping on line and enjoy getting packages delivered.  I am wearing better clothes than I have in years and it does make me feel better to look nice.  I even found Happiness at Bed, Bath and Beyond

9. Have a reading from a Psychic Medium – I felt this to be very comforting.  I have had several readings and the messages and details that they were able to provide me with made me feel that Mike is still here in spirit and I have come to look for and notice signs that he is still with me. Why reaching out to Psychic Mediums in grief can be comforting

10. Walk – taking walks gives me exercise which always makes me feel better and sometimes I talk to Mike and imagine what advice he would give me.

11. Start a new tradition in my loved one’s memory – I decided to honor his memory on his birthday, the 4th of July, by celebrating his life with family, remembering good times and eating ice cream.  On the anniversary of his death, I will make a donation to a charity in his name like I did this past August to Destiny Rescue.

12. Read about Grief – I searched so hard in the beginning to learn how to cope.  I needed to listen and learn from other people’s grief.  Although friends and family were supportive,  it was important to not feel so alone on this path.  Many people have lost a spouse and it is not a fun club to be in.  10 Best Grief books

13. Work – It gets me out of bed. Having a place to go to that needs you each day can be very healing.  Hopefully you can find a job you like with people you like. It is a good distraction and at times can be fun.

14.  Join a Bereavement Group – The hospice network or GriefShare offer groups for people experiencing a loss.  The group I went to was for 8 weeks with a group of 12 widows of similar age.  During the meetings we had a chance to share and discussions were led by a certified counselor.  In addition, ongoing meetings are available for members to attend with a variety of topics.

15.  Journal – I found that writing in my journal was a good way for me to express myself and let out my feelings.  I wrote letters to my husband, telling him all the things that I never got to say.  I also had him write back to me.  I knew what he would tell and it made me feel better.

So these are some of the more positive actions that I took to cope this past year. Would love to hear any other suggestions.  I am moving into year 2 and will probably need to find some new ideas.

coping with loss of a spouse the first year