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Why Runaway Widow?

I started a blog when I traveled solo to Thailand for the one year anniversary of my husband’s death. Moving forward as a widow with travel adventures, near and far as well as writing this blog has helped in healing after loss.


My Interview with Nomadic Matt – travel blogger and author of “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”

Interview with Nomadic Matt about travel blogging and advice for widows on solo travel


The lights on the houses are pretty and I do like the holiday decorations in my home but, I can not handle the overwhelming sense of tiredness I am feeling today. I have been moving forward at a good clip this past year.  I did…

Coping with the flu, alone…

The Flu.  It starts with a little cough.  Maybe you are not feeling up to the noise in your life.  What has happened?  Another cough.  You feel lethargic.  Not up to joining in the day.  Suddenly you feel cold.  A chill.  You need blankets….

10 Best Travel Spots of 2016 and some lessons this widow learned

Starting a blog when I went to Thailand last summer seemed like the thing to do after the loss of my husband.  As a runaway widow I wanted to keep in touch with family and friends while I was away.  Experiencing such a different…

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