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Healthy choices and swimsuit season: Which diet works?

Which diet works? Swimsuit season is coming and I have tried them all, time to start some healthy habits. Ideas anyone?


How to memorialize and honor a loved one

How to memorialize and remember loved ones after the funeral. Celebrating life and sharing stories with family and friends.

From Grief to Joy – Option B

Moving forward after the loss of a loved one is hard. Taking Option B based on the book by Sheryl Sandberg is one way to keep going.

How to comfort your widowed friend.

The line of fellow mourners who came to pay their respects to my family at my husband’s wake was overwhelming.  It was arranged so quickly and happened so fast I felt like I was not really there. He would have been impressed that he…

Change is in the air: Caumsett State Park in Autumn

Fall Caumsett Park New York

Change is in the air.  I am talking about the leaves.  Really. If you don’t live in the Northeastern part of the United States you may not get to experience the glory of the changing of the seasons.  Fall is spectacular in this region….

What happens in Atlantic City sometimes stays on your wrist

Yes. I could have just snuck away for a few days.  And I did.   It wasn’t a well planned trip. Spur of the moment would be the term. I had a long weekend with no plans. A friend invited me to join her…

How to cope with the loss of a spouse – Year One

Healing from the loss of a spouse is difficult. Learning which strategies help you is important. Yoga, acupuncture, therapy, exercise and even a puppy may be what is needed.

The night before the adventure

So I am in a hotel room next to JFK airport. I had mani pedi, took the Dog to the groomers and visited my acupuncturist to settle my nerves. I picked up my son after his 3 weeks traveling solo in Europe and we…

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