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17 Awesome Things to do in Ithaca, NY

Waterhole on hike at Buttermilk Falls

Upstate Ithaca, New York full of scenic gorges, hikes, kayaking on Lake Cayuga and visiting Cornell or Ithaca college.


Travel tips: lessons learned solo and as a mom

Air canada to Tokyo alleviate anxiety

Travel tips from widow in traveling solo and traveling as a mom alone with baby and toddler. Tips on upgrading seats on plane to keeping kids happy on long flights.

Is Vegas the City for…Kids?

The pool area erupted with squeals and cries and kids running past my lounge chair. I’m a nice lady and like kids and all but what is going on? This is Las Vegas, not Disneyworld, right? My visit to Las Vegas was amazing. So…

10 ways to have an adventure while visiting family in Florida.

During a sales presentation for time shares near Disney World, we were scoffed at for saying that staying with family was how we intended to enjoy our vacation. “Surely you want more than a visit with FAMILY” the woman sneered. Mike responded, “well, we…

WIDOW TO WIDOW – Advice on dating and moving forward from my mom

WIDOW to widow advice on moving forward with dating, our children and how to heal after the death of a spouse.


The lights on the houses are pretty and I do like the holiday decorations in my home but, I can not handle the overwhelming sense of tiredness I am feeling today. I have been moving forward at a good clip this past year.  I did…

Summer Travels, Adventures and Challenges – moving forward

After a few rainy days it is so nice to wake up to the sun shining on summer again.  The air is fresh and delightful this morning and my life is getting back to normal after a fun month of travel, adventures and challenges….

Running away for the weekend in Ithaca

Running away from grief using therapy and travel to move forward after the loss of a spouse.

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