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Touring Out East – The North Fork

As the temperature begins to drop, the urge to embrace the season with farm stands, pumpkins, apples and vineyards set in. OK. Seriously once the kids are grown just head to the vineyards. Although I was surprised to see a few families stopping at…


Why Me?

widow breast cancer walk

After the death of a spouse finding ways to support others is healing

Road Trip across the U.S.A. and a heart necklace

Road trip USA Aspen Colorado

The silver heart necklace was shining in the Wyoming late afternoon sun on my September 18th birthday in 1987.  Mike and I were driving across the country from New York to California – everyone wanted to do it, but we actually were. We had…

The night my husband died

We stood watching on my front deck as the second ambulance arrived across the street. My erratic neighbor shouted up to me, “IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR HUSBAND!” No one ever believes anything he says but then I realized I had not seen Mike since…

Festival Weekend Adventures in Telluride Colorado

.As we glided up the mountain on the free gondola ride I posed for the perfect sun kissed selfie only to be reprimanded that I was missing the cute baby black bear directly beneath us. Telluride is a place of extraordinary beauty and adventures…

Summer Travels, Adventures and Challenges – moving forward

After a few rainy days it is so nice to wake up to the sun shining on summer again.  The air is fresh and delightful this morning and my life is getting back to normal after a fun month of travel, adventures and challenges….

Loss of a pet: like a best friend.

Lucky was a love. The most affectionate dog ever.  And beautiful. We had just bought our first home with our 2 sons.  It seemed the next logical step to get a dog.  Shelter dogs weren’t the “in thing” as much so we started to…

Widow’s Guide to the Girlfriend Getaway

Pack your bag and smile. Here are Runaway Widow’s guidelines for traveling to the best girl’s weekend away anytime and anywhere.

From Grief to Joy – Option B

Moving forward after the loss of a loved one is hard. Taking Option B based on the book by Sheryl Sandberg is one way to keep going.

Acupuncture – Healing for physical pain to depression to infertility. Worth a try?

Acupuncture has maybe become my latest guilty pleasure. Can you imagine? The idea that someone inserting small sterile needles all over your body is something you look forward to?  Well, let me tell you, I do! Due to unplanned circumstances, I was unable to…

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