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Is College for Everyone? Congratulations Graduates!

Graduation for the solo parent – as a widow I could not attend both graduations but am proud and hopeful for our futures.


Traveling with mom – Europe by train with the kids to Norway or bust!

When my grandmother died at the age of 82 she left some money to each of her children. My mom, who had just lost her mother, could have told my dad to use the money to pay the credit card bills… but she didn’t….

15 ways to raise kids who get full tuition scholarships to college

Blog about what you know.  OK.  I know that my sons each earned full tuition scholarships to college and law school based on their academic proficiencies. You hear a lot about full scholarships for kids who excel in sports, but merit scholarships are out…

Why I’m glad I worked when the kids were little

Working when my kids were little turned out to be really helpful when I unexpectedly became a widow.

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