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How I gained confidence by traveling after the loss of my husband

Solo traveling can be a way to help widows and widowers deal with loneliness. Gaining confidence after the loss of a spouse with travel can be fun.


Iceland: What to see in Reykjavík for 2 days

Reykiavik Iceland

Traveling to Iceland with sister for fun adventures and travel therapy. What to do in Reykjavik for 2 days

Why Runaway Widow?

I started a blog when I traveled solo to Thailand for the one year anniversary of my husband’s death. Moving forward as a widow with travel adventures, near and far as well as writing this blog has helped in healing after loss.

12 Days in Japan: Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto

Tokyo temple Asakusa Senso-ji

Tour Japan in 12 days stay in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hakone region. Where to go and what to see

One Day in Hakone Japan

Solo day with Japanese guide in Hakone, Japan including Ropeway to eat black eggs, cruise of Lake Ashi and Hakone Shrine.

A Day in New York City – Summer Series

Summer in New York City living after the loss of a spouse. Broadway show, Brooklyn Bridge and the River Cafe

Road trip in England: Stonehenge, Cotswolds, Bristol and Bath

Stonehenge England

Road trip in England is a challenge for us USA yanks used to driving on the right side of the road. Couple travel in England to Stonehenge, the Cotswolds, Bristol and Bath.

Why you should take a vacation!

The refrigerator was speaking to me.  Clean me!! When I return from vacation, I feel energized!  I am ready to tackle the projects that I have been ignoring for … who knows how long. After a visit to my cousin’s house in New Hampshire,…

Montauk in Winter – Overnight retreat or spa day

Montauk point light house

Day trips or overnights to the off season beach town of Montauk New York is well worth the visit. Hotels are affordable, the food is good and the ocean soothes the soul. Hiking is free and the ocean air or day at Gurneys spa is guaranteed to help with the healing process.

Touring Out East – The North Fork

As the temperature begins to drop, the urge to embrace the season with farm stands, pumpkins, apples and vineyards set in. OK. Seriously once the kids are grown just head to the vineyards. Although I was surprised to see a few families stopping at…

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