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Finding Joy in the act of getting rid of clutter.

As a widow going through all your late husband’s stuff is hard. But maybe there are some fun surprises. Time to say goodbye to some clutter.


Healing with weekenders and yoga ladies.

I made it through the holidays, and it all went pretty well.  I was fortunate to be invited to a few parties that I enjoyed being at with friends and family.  I actually hosted 12 for Christmas dinner at my home. Honestly, my brother-in-law…

10 Best Travel Spots of 2016 and some lessons this widow learned

Starting a blog when I went to Thailand last summer seemed like the thing to do after the loss of my husband.  As a runaway widow I wanted to keep in touch with family and friends while I was away.  Experiencing such a different…

The best gifts you can’t really buy

What is the best gift you ever got?

Do you have a travel kindness story? I do.

You know, this is the season to remember the couple who traveled very far but when they arrived in Bethlehem,  there was no room at the inn.  What if that happened to you?  What would you do? Are there still kind people out there…

A Different Christmas is OK, especially after the loss of a loved one.

Reflecting back on last Christmas, I am pleased that we did something different.  A one week cruise from Florida to Belize, Honduras and Mexico got me and my 2 sons away and planted some seeds of travel for all of us.  This past week…

TBT…playing in the mud with the elephants in Thailand. Widow therapy.

What a wonderful time I had last summer traveling to Thailand. Traveling did help me through some times that I knew would trigger emotional feelings due to my loss and I didn’t want to be so sad thinking about my new life as a…

Song Lyrics that stick: For Good

Wicked – on Broadway in New York City. For Good – what do have we done and what will we do in this life?

Change is in the air: Caumsett State Park in Autumn

Fall Caumsett Park New York

Change is in the air.  I am talking about the leaves.  Really. If you don’t live in the Northeastern part of the United States you may not get to experience the glory of the changing of the seasons.  Fall is spectacular in this region….

Happiness found at Bed, Bath and Beyond

It could be the change of the season, but sometimes you look around your home and discover things that you haven’t noticed before and decide; it’s time for a change. Ever since the loss of my husband I have not really been paying attention…

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