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Moving Forward Towards a Clutter Free Lifestyle

Get a dumpster he said. We don’t need one I replied. We don’t have that much stuff. That was the argument Mike and I had for years before he passed. We had thought about downsizing with the boys away at college. Some things would…


Why you should take a vacation!

The refrigerator was speaking to me.  Clean me!! When I return from vacation, I feel energized!  I am ready to tackle the projects that I have been ignoring for … who knows how long. After a visit to my cousin’s house in New Hampshire,…

Finding Joy in the act of getting rid of clutter.

As a widow going through all your late husband’s stuff is hard. But maybe there are some fun surprises. Time to say goodbye to some clutter.

Happiness found at Bed, Bath and Beyond

It could be the change of the season, but sometimes you look around your home and discover things that you haven’t noticed before and decide; it’s time for a change. Ever since the loss of my husband I have not really been paying attention…

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