Road trip USA Aspen Colorado

Road Trip across the U.S.A. and a heart necklace

The silver heart necklace was shining in the Wyoming late afternoon sun on my September 18th birthday in 1987.  Mike and I were driving across the country from New York to California – everyone wanted to do it, but we actually were. We had spent the past week engaging in a variety of adventures with family and friends. We left New York and after a few hours needed to take a break in Pennsylvania....

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Summer Travels, Adventures and Challenges – moving forward

After a few rainy days it is so nice to wake up to the sun shining on summer again.  The air is fresh and delightful this morning and my life is getting back to normal after a fun month of travel, adventures and challenges. As a teacher, the first week of summer is always an adjustment.  Do I organize my bills? Plant more flowers? Catch up with housework? Feed the kids? Shop? Have lunch...

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