One time when I felt inappropriately dressed…in Mississippi.

 September 11th 2015 I found my self stranded in an airport. My flight on United had been delayed on the runway at LaGuardia and we landed 10 minutes before the flight from Philly to Memphis was scheduled to depart. Five other passengers and I ran from the B terminal to the A terminal hoping to get on our connecting flight. We were momentarily relieved when we noticed that the plane was still there. However,...

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Ayutthaya Thailand

Temples, Pagodas and a Cooking Class in Thailand

We woke early in Ayutthaya to visit 700 year old ruins of palaces and temples.  We walked around mainly brick and stucco structures and even saw a Buddha head entwined in some roots. One of the pagodas was hollow and had quite a few bats living in who did not seem too pleased that we had visited as well. We drove from Ayutthaya to the Bangkok airport and took a one hour flight north...

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