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Mrs. or Ms. What do we call the widow?

Well, this can certainly be a touchy subject.  Like most everything after the loss of a spouse, the decision on which name you would like to be referred to is an important choice for each woman. Personally, I had been married for 26 years…


Why Runaway Widow?

I started a blog when I traveled solo to Thailand for the one year anniversary of my husband’s death. Moving forward as a widow with travel adventures, near and far as well as writing this blog has helped in healing after loss.

FALL – Is it time for a change?

After a busy summer finding peace with the change of season and changes in life as a widow. Accepting the life you have and changing what you can.

Time doesn’t heal – it conceals

Time doesn’t heal – it conceals. How to find resilience and courage in the face of trauma and loss of a spouse.

Solo Travel: 10 Ways to Alleviate Anxiety

Travel as a solo female can be challenging and so fun. Widows face new adjustments to traveling alone. Be safe and prepared with this checklist.

Is Vegas the City for…Kids?

The pool area erupted with squeals and cries and kids running past my lounge chair. I’m a nice lady and like kids and all but what is going on? This is Las Vegas, not Disneyworld, right? My visit to Las Vegas was amazing. So…

It’s OK to say their name

After spending the past 30 Fourth of July’s together, which was also my husband’s birthday, it is one of the more difficult holidays to get through for me. Year one I made a nice Facebook post with photos. Then I made sure to be…

How to Transition to Summer Vacation

So I have a list at home of all the things I want to get done this week. I’m serious. First week off from work as a teacher; I finally have time to focus on cleaning those neglected spots in the house, filing away…

A Day in New York City – Summer Series

Summer in New York City living after the loss of a spouse. Broadway show, Brooklyn Bridge and the River Cafe

How to NOT be a Stay at Home, Lonely Widow.

MOVING FORWARD by dating or at least leaving the house after the death of a spouse. Lonely widows and widowers are looking for friends. How to get out and maybe date and cope with loneliness as a widow.

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