How to comfort your widowed friend.

The line of fellow mourners who came to pay their respects to my family at my husband’s wake was overwhelming.  Arranged so quickly and happened so fast I felt like I was not really there. He would have been impressed that he was loved and respected by so many people from work as well as friends and family.  I spoke to people, but felt like I was just watching this happen from someplace else....

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Fall Caumsett Park New York

Change is in the air: Caumsett State Park in Autumn

Change is in the air.  I am talking about the leaves.  Really. If you don’t live in the Northeastern part of the United States you may not get to experience the glory of the changing of the seasons.  Fall is spectacular in this region.  The change from sultry humid days to the brisk chill and windy days of Autumn welcomes pumpkin beer, hot cider, apple crisp and jack-o-lanterns. Caumsett State Park is located on...

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Solo Adventure in NYC: The Bronx Zoo

Ever since my trip to Thailand I am fascinated with elephants. Chiangmai Elephant Rescue Center – Celebrating my Wedding Anniversary I have always loved animals actually.  As a kid I marched around the neighborhood putting flyers in all the neighbor’s mailboxes that said “Would you kill Flipper for a tunafish sandwich?” Flipper was a famous dolphin who had his own t.v. show and dolphins were being caught in tuna nets.  It was the 70’s and...

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One time when I felt inappropriately dressed…in Mississippi.

 September 11th 2015 I found my self stranded in an airport. My flight on United had been delayed on the runway at LaGuardia and we landed 10 minutes before the flight from Philly to Memphis was scheduled to depart. Five other passengers and I ran from the B terminal to the A terminal hoping to get on our connecting flight. We were momentarily relieved when we noticed that the plane was still there. However,...

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Ayutthaya Thailand

Temples, Pagodas and a Cooking Class in Thailand

We woke early in Ayutthaya to visit 700 year old ruins of palaces and temples.  We walked around mainly brick and stucco structures and even saw a Buddha head entwined in some roots. One of the pagodas was hollow and had quite a few bats living in who did not seem too pleased that we had visited as well. We drove from Ayutthaya to the Bangkok airport and took a one hour flight north...

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