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Dancing out of your comfort zone is more fun than stepping!

When I first heard about some teachers at my school planning to dance on stage for a Variety Show scholarship fundraiser, I chuckled.  They must be really talented, I thought. After one of the first meetings a colleague spoke to me and encouraged me…


Healing with weekenders and yoga ladies.

I made it through the holidays, and it all went pretty well.  I was fortunate to be invited to a few parties that I enjoyed being at with friends and family.  I actually hosted 12 for Christmas dinner at my home. Honestly, my brother-in-law…

TBT…playing in the mud with the elephants in Thailand. Widow therapy.

What a wonderful time I had last summer traveling to Thailand. Traveling did help me through some times that I knew would trigger emotional feelings due to my loss and I didn’t want to be so sad thinking about my new life as a…

Song Lyrics that stick: For Good

Wicked – on Broadway in New York City. For Good – what do have we done and what will we do in this life?

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